When determining what kind of signage to go with your business, whether it’s a start-up company or you’re looking to revamp your brand, there are many things to consider. Whether or not you want lighting effects, what materials and designs to use for indoor or outdoor signs and so on. Whatever you decide, keep one thing in mind: make sure every choice best reflects your company’s identity. This sign is the first thing your target market will see, so it’s worth it to spend as many times as is needed selecting colors, sizing, materials and more to make it perfect. This guide will help you break down everything you need to know about 3D sign lettering for your business.

Sign Lettering


This non-illuminated signage choice is the most popular option for businesses that don’t operate at night. Or who are in buildings with sufficient lighting illuminated their storefront. Dimensional lettering can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s a clean and distinct option that allows for many designs and finishes to be applied without limitation. Yes, all signs are customizable to an extent, but because dimensional letters don’t have to work around the lighting components that our next option has, there are more possibilities in what can be done with the design.


A sign that’s made to produce a specific lighting effect from its internal wiring, channel or illuminated lettering is most effective in outdoor settings. While both it and dimensional lettering are constructed from individually crafted letters, channel lettering is favored among those who want both day and nighttime visibility.


Plastic lettering can be composed of acrylic, PVC or vinyl, it’s up to the client. Using plastic allows for versatility is the design element and can be painted on. Metal lettering is made from brass, aluminum, bronze, copper or stainless steel. Using metal to construct your sign grants more durability than plastic, and creates a beautiful, indoor effect. Lastly, we have letter foam, the most popular material for 3D sign lettering. It’s made of a highly dense material that’s lightweight, can be painted and allows for a depth of three inches to create an effective 3D design.

Style of Lettering

Painted Finish

This technique is specific to clear acrylic letters, where they’re painted from a wide selection of colors available to add durability as well as versatility to the design. It can also be back painted, meaning that the back of the clear acrylic lettering is painted. This offers a pop of color while keeping the glossy finish.

Acrylic and Metal Laminate

This technique adds dimension by laminating acrylic or metal to PVC or letter foam. Acrylic laminate is an affordable way to add dimension to indoor lettering. Metal laminates can be painted around the edges to add a metallic effect to the design.

Plaque and Digital Prints

Made of metal or acrylic, adding dimensional lettering to a plaque will create a clean design for the interior of your business. Adding a backing may also allow for easy removal and transportation if necessary. Digital printing is a popular style for designs that involve intricate detailing that’s difficult to produce on other signage materials.

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